There is such mystery around death. Our beliefs enter strongly into our perception of what happens during this process, and often involves fear. But what if dying is as easy as walking into another room or shedding a winter coat in springtime?

The truth is that death is natural, simple and known from one’s soul. It’s not a conscious waking state transition, but rather a transition of the spirit. It is not a transition of the mind/ego but one of the soul. We tend to focus on the physical body and our emotions’ but the process is one of the soul return to Source.

We, as a collective, have forgotten this. We’ve forgotten how to die. When the time comes, we often struggle. We need an “assist.” Especially when death is sudden, violent or surrounded by confusion, the death process may not be as grace-filled as it should be.

I am honored to work with those close to passing or who have not fully crossed over (often referred to as ghosts or entities) so they can move through the experience in peace, surrounded by Christ. I serve these individuals in two ways:

  • Assistance with Life-Death: For those actively transitioning through the dying process
  • Energy Clearings: For those who have left the body but have not fully crossed over.

While I work with Christ, this work goes beyond religion, as dogma does not “exist” after death. At this soul level, all human concepts of God come together into one. I work within the energetic connection of our higher consciousness, or our spirit, which is within us.

Do you have a loved one who is near to death? Or are you experiencing a situation where you feel ghosts are present and affecting you? If so, please contact me.