This experience is a good example of my energy clearing work. Years ago my son had a friend down the road and every time he went there and slept over, he would be awaken by the sense of ‘someone’ standing over him watching him sleep. Other out of place things would happen, like the refrigerator opening or pizza boxes moving around and restacking. He said it, him or her, didn’t feel mad or scary. When I called this person in, a small boy of 6 or 7 stepped into my awareness. His dress, knickers and neatly slicked hair showed me he was in this reality at the beginning of the century and I knew he died of polio. He had been house bound for what would be most of his life and looked out of the windows constantly at life outside his home. He was simply playing with the boys that were there, in this case, my son and his friend and meant no harm. He told me his name. There was a dark energy behind him that I asked if he was aware of. He looked back at it and said ‘that has always been with me’ as if it was normal, his normal at least. But, I knew that it was energy that had kept him from fully crossing over so many years ago. It wasn’t the singular thing that held him here, but one that had much influence. So, I asked him if he would like to experience a place of great Love and Light that would feel even more like home than this place did. I also explained to him, showed him energetically what that dark energy was and what an energy of Love and Light feels like and would he rather experience that. He agreed to both an instantly the dark energy was gone and he became one with Light. It was his choice. He crossed fully over.

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