Meet LU

When I was growing up, I didn’t experience much around death. Yes, I lost my grandparents but one died before my birth, and two died when I was under the age of 5. The only death I experienced (as a teenager) was my mother’s mother. I remember sitting with my cousins, starring at her in the casket and thinking, She is so still. Any second now she is going to move. It felt strange yet on a deeper level, something about it felt very natural.

I was raised Lutheran by two very devoted parents, but I had questions that never seemed to get answered within the context of my religious upbringing. What is this Holy Spirit they talk of? It feels so important but what is the purpose? How can I connect? How can God be mean and get angry and punish? There are so many religions; who can possibly be right?

 As an adult, I put more focus on my spiritual growth. It actually became a priority in my thirties. I didn’t ask God for anything specific other than to be of service to Humanity and live my purpose. What arose in me was an ability to work with those who are in the process of crossing over. For years, I was uncomfortable with the notion of “talking to dead people” but the truth is, it is second nature to me. I’ve come to understand that we are each here to serve in some way, and this is mine. It brings peace to the soul crossing and it is satisfying to assist in another soul’s peace.

Now, in doing this work, I have integrated my religious background and personal spiritual experiences. I use the word “God” (you may say Source, I AM, Great Spirit, etc.) and I work with Christ Consciousness, or Cosmic Consciousness. Someone once asked me, “Can a Muslim or Buddhist or even an atheist come to you or do you only work with Christians?” Of course, since consciousness does not fit into the boxes that the human mind creates; to me, God isn’t Jewish, Catholic, Hindu or any human constraint we’ve put on the concept of Divinity in order to make sense of it. God is Source; God is Love, all that is. From a scientific perspective, physics has now proven that consciousness is separate from the mind and exists beyond the physical body. That God-consciousness within me is the space from which I work.