Assistance with Life-Death Transition

Your loved one is dying. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that they have everything they need so they can let go gracefully and full of peace—not just their physical body and emotional state, but from the aspect of their soul? And, wouldn’t it be nice to have knowledge of how they are doing so that you can be at peace, as well?

This type of support is different from hospice or grief counseling, both of which are powerful in their distinct ways. Hospice specializes in caring for those facing a life-limiting illness, their families and their caregivers and addresses the patient’s physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs, as well as those of their families. Grief counseling aims to help people cope with grief and mourning following the death of loved ones. It also differs from mediumship, where an individual mediates communication between spirits of the dead and living human beings. Even though the person can no longer speak, they can communicate quite easily to me since I am bypassing the physical body.

Assistance with Life-Death Transition is unique in that it actively assists the person who is passing solely from the aspect of their consciousness. It does not involve attending to their religious or spiritual needs from the “human” side. Oftentimes, the person may be unconscious or heavily sedated and unable to communicate with loved ones; I work in the space of their higher conscious state of awareness (their higher self, as well as spirit guides, angels, etc.) as they navigate this transition.

I assess the person and their state of being (from a God space) and ask, “What do you need?” They may be holding onto this life because of specific concerns that can be addressed, or they may just be in a place of great fear or confusion, making their passing difficult or more painful than it needs to be. I simply ask what they need, and they tell me. I seek only to make the dying individual’s transition peaceful and full of love.

This work always ushers in peace, understanding and exactly what the person needs in order to cross with peace. In my work, Christ is always present. In many cases, soul life lessons can come to fruition right at these last moments, thereby helping the individual work through important soul realizations. It frees the soul from the bonds of this lifetime. Each death experience is unique and is always is surrounded by Love.

Case Study:

An example was a lovely woman that I had never met. Her daughter asked me to check in with her mother and see it there was anyway I could assist her. She had been in hospice and unconscious and her daughter did not want her to suffer any longer. The first time I called in Beatrice, and even though I told her that her daughter asked me to call her in, she was not willing to communicate with me. She knew she was in this unfamiliar place and even though she was surrounded by Love, she was just getting her feet wet, so to say, in her process and she was resisting. A few days later, I tried again and Beatrice was willing to talk to me and seemed to understand far more than a few days prior. I asked her if there was anything she needed or anything that was holding her back from crossing. She knew it was a beautiful place she would be going, but was still very tied to this life and was worried that her children have difficulties settling her estate and was afraid there would be issues.

I simply told her that all would work out perfectly and very fluid and with ease. With that her entire demeanor changed and she was no longer worried. As I communicate this to her, a great wave of energy shifts her… It is the work of God, not Lee Ann and I know that was all she needed. There is a great degree of peace. If you can imagine her loved ones, angels, etc. that are assisting her in crossing, I am helping as well and since I am connected to this world, I offer an important perspective. Beatrice knew I was different from they others. She knew I was attached to this life.