My Greatest Cheerleader

Another story is very close to home for me. It was my father that I’ve adored my entire life. He was my cheerleader and steady hand, always loving unconditionally. He had a stroke on Good Friday and by Easter he was intibated in ICU, something he never wanted. I called him in and he said very simply to me ‘Please, sweetheart, disconnect your ties to me’.

I knew he meant the energetic ties we all have between those we love. That cord of white golden light of love that anchors us to those we are most connected to. He explained to me that it would make it easier for him to go. This releasing of the ties that bind us is an action we’ve forgotten. There are things we can do to lovingly release the person from this life and make their passing easier. He said to me he knew I understood and he was right.

With tears rolling down my face, I cut the tie that was connected to him ever since I could remember in this current life. And, in Love I watched release its binds from our heart spaces. It was that clear indication he was on his way.

We communicated in this spirit space many times over the next several weeks. I witnessed the confusion he was experiencing as he was holding on to this life even tho the love of his life, my mother, was right there with him supporting him at the foot of his bed. She wasn’t telling him to come with her, she was just gazing at him with such compassion and love. It was a look I witnessed thousands of times over my lifetime.  He was just very simply in a state of confusion, almost like a disorientation for he could see his wife as a young vibrant woman and yet feel the bonds of all of us and all that he knew in this life. It was hard to see him confused but an angel standing by told me, ‘he’ll be fine, he’s just figuring all these things out’. It seemed my mother knew that too. I could sense there was various levels of understanding coming to him as if a roomful of experts were giving him their best advise and he was making sense of it.

The last time I ‘checked in’ my father just smiled at me, but his higher self very simply and quite powerfully said ‘3 more days’. It was then I knew that all was well with his soul and all that was holding him to this earth were the machines and medications pumping into him in his hospital bed. And just as his higher self had said, on the third day he passed.


This experience is a good example of my energy clearing work. Years ago my son had a friend down the road and every time he went there and slept over, he would be awaken by the sense of ‘someone’ standing over him watching him sleep. Other out of place things would happen, like the refrigerator opening or pizza boxes moving around and restacking. He said it, him or her, didn’t feel mad or scary. When I called this person in, a small boy of 6 or 7 stepped into my awareness. His dress, knickers and neatly slicked hair showed me he was in this reality at the beginning of the century and I knew he died of polio. He had been house bound for what would be most of his life and looked out of the windows constantly at life outside his home. He was simply playing with the boys that were there, in this case, my son and his friend and meant no harm. He told me his name. There was a dark energy behind him that I asked if he was aware of. He looked back at it and said ‘that has always been with me’ as if it was normal, his normal at least. But, I knew that it was energy that had kept him from fully crossing over so many years ago. It wasn’t the singular thing that held him here, but one that had much influence. So, I asked him if he would like to experience a place of great Love and Light that would feel even more like home than this place did. I also explained to him, showed him energetically what that dark energy was and what an energy of Love and Light feels like and would he rather experience that. He agreed to both an instantly the dark energy was gone and he became one with Light. It was his choice. He crossed fully over.


In this situation, I worked to clear energy from a large hotel. I was called in to work with a ‘problem’ of large proportion at a local hotel. Joseph, the cook there, being energetically sensitive to these energies of those not fully crossed over, was very uncomfortable and scared and not surprising to me as there where hundreds of individuals streaming in from all over and concentrating there. They would wake him up at night and do lots of things to get his attention. From time to time, I experience these happenings and what I call ‘pools’ of souls. They attract together and join into a mass. I believe this is happening more and more at this point in our evolution in an effort to cross over together. They have been in this ‘in-between’ place for a very long time and consciousness is acting as a magnet, attracting them together. By the time I am called in, there is a steady stream of them.

I got the text awakening me around 2am from Joseph. He was really scared. He was awoken in bed and one of the entities was screaming at him. He had rosary beads around his wrist that he wore for protection that shattered. He sent me a picture of it saying ‘Help me!’ I told him I need you to get out of bed and directly him to walk out of the back of the hotel. I was there that I constructed a huge pillar of white energy in the back parking lot. I knew they would follow him. Once he told me he was out there I directed him to walk southeast and he suddenly stopped and said ‘holy shit I feel light, it feels amazing’. I directed him to step out of the way and he could feel the steady stream of souls passing by him and into this column of light.

I don’t try to understand this work or rationalize it. It is not of our intellectual understanding. It goes beyond this. What caused fear in Joseph was simply not understanding what this was. They meant him no harm.