Energy Clearings

An energy clearing can be needed at a home, office building, a piece of property, really anywhere.

Why are energy clearings necessary? Many times people do not fully cross over; they remain in a limbo-type space. Whether it is confusion or an unwillingness to part this reality, it happens. These “ghosts” or energies are nothing more than individuals who need assistance (or not, it’s their choice). All entities in this in-between space have free will just as humans do. They also have emotions (similar to ours but subtly different), and they still abide by the rule of Love or Fear.

My goal is to assist the individual or group cross over fully and return to God.

As we evolve on this planet as a human race, so too is does this in-between space. What has been happening more and more is a ‘pooling together’ of large groups in this middle-land. They are attracted together almost like a magnet to a specific geographic area. I believe it is a combination of energy meridians in the earth and the energy of what has occurred on the land itself. These large pools of individuals may be felt by people that who come in contact with this ‘pooling’ physical location. It can be unnerving and can affect people’s health and general well being, and even affect whether people can work or stay focused. With these ‘pools’ forming more and more, my process offers the ability to assist dozens or even thousands to cross over in a single session.

It is imperative, at this time, to clear the landscape, whether one or thousands.


In 2016, I called on Lee Ann to assist in helping a tenant who had ended his life cross over completely. It was an amazing process. She is 2400 miles away from the building, yet once she had the information she needed, she lovingly met this man in the “gap” and had a profound encounter with him.  She then sent me an e mail with the whole encounter and conversation between her and this man, and it was passed on to the tenants surviving wife. 

I did not know either of these people, but was moved to call Lee Ann in on this most important mission due to this being in my neighborhood.  The tenants wife was absolutely astounded when she read the letter because it truly spoke to his journey which was a very private one that most knew nothing of. She was not only moved, the “download” that Lee Ann received truly gave her a sense of peace and she felt deeply calmed by knowing he could now be truly at peace after having been lead all the way to a place his soul could be at rest.                               — Cheryl