What you mean by “spirit?”

Spirit is a word that seems relatable and non-threatening to most. To me, spirit is consciousness that resides in the body. It is the part of us that is made in the likeness of God. It is God within us. I use the word “God” but you can use whatever word feels comfortable to you. When you die, your spirit returns to God.

 When a person is actively dying, who initiates this interaction and when is it appropriate to call for this service?

A family member typically calls me on behalf of a loved who is near death, or when they know in their heart that their loved one is preparing for death. (For more information when death is near, Click here http://www.dyingmatters.org/page/signs-death-near.) Upon a family member’s request for Assistance with Life-Death Transition, I do an initial assessment by asking the loved one if they would like my assistance. The person who is passing always has free will to choose whether or not to interact with me. If the response is affirmative, I will begin. Sometimes the person doesn’t want to interact with me initially but after a day or so does.

What is required from me in this process?

This work requires that loved ones see the value in the support and guidance it can bring. It is a difficult choice to invite me in because it does become an emotional marker that the person is dying and will, most likely, suffer less and therefore pass sooner. It’s a selfless decision.

What information do you need?

Simply the person’s name and date of birth. If a family member has any thoughts or concerns, it’s a good idea for them to make me aware of them and discuss them with me.

Do you need to physically be near the person?

No. It all happens at the level of consciousness. I can check in on them often to support them and see their progress.

What information do you need for an energy clearing?

I’ll need to know the geographic location where the event is happening at and exactly what you are experiencing.

 Are you always able to clear ghosts or entities?

 The majority of the time the answer is yes. There is much to understand and my main goal is to assist the crossing over to Light, Love, God. Secondly, my objective is to give you clarity around the situation and peace of mind.

Do you need to be present at the location?

No, I do not.

How long does the process take?

Every situation is unique. In most instances, it very simple and fluid. Other times, it can take several times of “going in.”

Why do you to this work?

Life is not what we may understand it to be. It is simply a movie playing out on a three-dimensional screen that we’ve agreed to play a role in. We are all one and just millions of different lenses creating different stories. Who we really are is none of our day-to-day experiences. Who we really are is a soul, a consciousness that is part of the Whole. We are complex storytellers that are constantly manifesting, interacting, shifting, evolving, and never standing still even in our slumber. We constantly try to understand every tiny aspect in our lives, to label it, rationalize it. Fear is so ingrained in us that outside that which we can rationalize, we easily feel uneasiness and either don’t look at it or fear it. Here is the reality: you are so much more than you know and there is nothing to fear.