Death may seem scary and mysterious but, in truth, it is simple and sacred. The work that I do is likewise quite simple and sacred.

Many have heard of the concept of the “veil” that separates the experience of living in human form from our experience without human form. The veil is what keeps these two realities separate. There is a reason for the separation. Our spirit incarnates to learn, to experience, to grow. When our earthly time is done, this consciousness continues to exist with a purpose. What we call death is simply the step of our spirit or consciousness leaving human form.
Many times, when a person dies, they are not fully on the other side of the veil. This can happen for many reasons. Perhaps the death was sudden and the person is confused. The person may feel very connected or responsible to loved one’s left behind, so they hold onto “this side” of the veil. Sometimes a person can be on the correct side of the veil but loved ones on earth are holding on so tightly that the person’s spirit is still attached to this reality.

So, specifically how do I help these souls?

First, what I don’t do:

Unlike spiritual mediums, such as John Edwards, I know my highest purpose is not to speak to those fully crossed over, but to simply assure safe passage. Oftentimes, and for many reasons, that full process does not occur upon death, yet it needs to in order for the person’s consciousness to completely disconnect and be freed from this reality. My focus is on the wellbeing and safe passage of individuals who are crossing over from physical form into pure consciousness.

Now, here’s what I do:

There are many reasons why a person can be in this in-between space. I describe it as one foot in this reality (the one that no longer exists, as their body has expired or is very close to not existing) and one in the next (heaven, All that IS, Source). Most of the time, a person who has died or is actively dying will heads toward the other side but sometimes needs to communicate or resolve something.

There are many reasons why a person’s spirit can be in this predicament and it is key to remember that there is a degree (though different than we experience it) of free will in this time of passage. This mostly falls into one of these categories of understanding:

  • Confusion around their death. Perhaps they died very suddenly and they need clarity or have questions.
  • The desire to work/evolve through lessons before crossing over. We each come into this life with lessons/experiences that we’ve chosen to have so that our soul can expand, experience free will and all that comes with that. But, many times we don’t check all those items off our list. If the soul desires to do this, they can at this time. It’s always beautiful when a person grows and takes huge conscious leaps at this moment and crosses over free and clear.
  • The desire or need to tell someone something. This seems to be the most dramatic experience since it may be the only thing holding them back.


How I do it:

I always start in a meta-conscious place that resides not in my mind/intellect, but in my higher consciousness. From my God space of Christ consciousness, my spirit guides and me (angels, avatars, archetypes) are together in a space that is formless and timeless. They are not separate from me; they are me. In simplest terms it is where I tap into pure consciousness, God, Source.

From this space, I invite the person (or group of people) to communicate with me. This is still of place of free will, so they can choose to come in or not. From there, I see both the individual(s) as they are represented in this place and time, as well as their higher selves; I converse with both.